Do You Have a Dream Workbook

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Do You Have a Dream Workbook

5 Keys to Realize Your Dream

by Grace Allison

$7.49 CAD

Do You Have A Dream Workbook? offers an inspiring guide to stepping into personal ownership and creative ability to enjoy the life of your dreams. Grace offers a route to challenge self-imposed doubt, stress, and self-judgment on the way to achieving what you most want in your heart of hearts. The reader is invited to draw on the spiritual sources, such as forgiveness and prayer, that are available to support a heartfelt intention. Limitations, restrictions, and blocks can be transformed into the energy, wisdom, and insight that translate dreams into practical reality. Easy to read, and the content to absorb, the process outlined will form a solid foundation for future self-confidence, success, and true fulfillment.


ISBN 9780998830803
Publisher Modern Mystic Media, LLC
Published Date 2017-04-27
Language en
Printed Length 200