Data Protection and Personal Information Policy

  1. Introduction

    Scenarex Inc and all its affiliated entities are committed to protecting the data and personal information they collect in the course of its business activities and relationships..

  2. Scope

    This policy relating to the protection of data and personal information explains the practices of Scenarex Inc regarding the processing, including the collection, use, disclosure, retention and destruction, of personal information in accordance with the privacy laws and regulations.

    The policy also describes the data protection rights of its users, including the right to object to certain of the processes carried out by Scenarex Inc.

  3. Policy requirements

    The policy was created in compliance with applicable privacy laws and regulations. Certain provisions of the Scenarex Inc policy may exceed the requirements of these laws, in which case Scenarex Inc will have full discretion with regard to their application.

    1. Responsible for the protection of personal information

      Scenarex Inc is responsible for the processing of the Personal Information that it processes and has appointed a Privacy Protection Officer who ensures that Scenarex Inc complies with the Privacy Protection Laws:

      Marc-Andre Pinel

      For any requests, questions or comments regarding this policy, please contact the person in charge by email.

    2. Personal data and information collected by Scenarex Inc

      1. Personal contact information

        , including your first name, last name, address and telephone number, required for account registration, online purchase and delivery of our products or when requesting support regarding one of our products or services;

      2. Billing-related information

        , including debit card or bank account numbers (if required), as well as any other data required to process payments for accounts receivable and accounts payable;

      3. Profile and preference data

        , including email addresses and passwords to access Scenarex Inc websites or password-protected service platforms. Preferences, such as language, when using our websites and receiving marketing emails from us;

      4. Technical data

        , including information collected during visits to our websites through the use of cookies or similar technology, Internet protocol (IP) address, connection data, browser type and version, device type, time zone settings, browser add-on types and versions, operating system and platform.

    3. Purposes of collecting personal data and information

      Scenarex Inc collects data and personal information about its users for the purpose of managing its products and services as well as maintaining and establishing commercial relationships. Scenarex Inc will collect, use and disclose this information only to the extent required for these purposes. If Scenarex Inc should use or disclose personal information of a user for purposes other than for the management of its products or services, Scenarex Inc will obtain the consent of the user before using or disclosing this information.

    4. Consequences of a refusal to provide personal data and information

      Any person who uses one of Scenarex Inc's websites may refuse to provide personal data and information when requested, however Scenarex Inc may not be able to complete the required process of the requested product or service. In this event, the product or service may not be provided.

    5. Disclosure

      Scenarex Inc and its third party service providers, such as Shopify, Stripe, AWS and Polygon, may operate outside of Canada. Any personal information or data of a user, stored or accessed in foreign countries may be subject to the laws of those countries (for example, where a third party service provider operates globally). Therefore, personal information may be disclosed following valid requests or requirements from governmental authorities, courts or law enforcement authorities of foreign countries.

    6. Retention

      Scenarex Inc will retain personal data and information only for as long as reasonably necessary to fulfill the purposes for which it was collected, including for the purposes of satisfying legal, accounting and disclosure requirements and, asserting or defending its rights. Upon the expiration of the applicable retention period, Scenarex Inc will securely destroy the data and personal information in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

    7. Accuracy

      The accuracy of the data and information provided by a user to Scenarex Inc remains the responsibility of the user. Scenarex Inc makes reasonable efforts to maintain the accuracy of a user’s data and personal information, but in no way guarantees the veracity of the data and information provided.

    8. Protection of data and personal information

      Scenarex Inc is committed to protecting the confidentiality, integrity, availability and privacy of a user’s data and personal information. Scenarex Inc uses protective measures that are customary in the field of digital platforms and which are reasonable given the sensitivity of personal information.

    9. Openness, transparency

      Scenarex Inc is committed to being transparent about its policies and invites those concerned to contact the Privacy Officer (see section 3.1) with any questions or to visit the Scenarex Inc website.

    10. Rights of a user

      1. Access:

        You have the right to request a copy of or access your personal data and information that Sceanrex Inc maintains. However, Scenarex Inc will not disclose data and personal information when their disclosure would reveal data and personal information about a person other than the person concerned, or would constitute a violation of applicable laws. To obtain a copy of or view your data and personal information, please contact Scenarex Inc using the details provided in section 3.1;

      2. Opposition, erasure:

        In certain circumstances, you also have the right to object to the processing of your data and personal information and to ask Scenarex Inc to erase your data and personal information and limit accesses to it. It is important for the user to be aware of the consequences of refusing to provide personal data and information, as described in section 3.4. If you would like Scenarex Inc to stop using your data and personal information, please contact Scenarex Inc using the details provided in section 3.1;

      3. Complaints:

        If you believe that your rights to the protection of personal information or data may have been infringed, you have the right to file a complaint with the applicable supervisory authority or have recourse through a court. You can also contact Scenarex Inc using the details provided in section 3.1.

  4. Monitoring and control mechanism

    The Scenarex Inc management team regularly conducts reviews of reported incidents and issues raised through incident reporting and the issue communication and escalation process to ensure no recurring problems.

  5. Roles and responsibilities

    It is the responsibility of the privacy protection officer of Scenarex Inc to supervise activities related to the data protection and personal information policy. The officer communicates these policies and ensures that Scenarex Inc members fully comply with all relevant aspects of the policies and related guidelines. The manager participates in incident reporting procedures as well as training and raising staff awareness of issues related to data protection. The officer acts as the official liaison of Scenarex Inc to the relevant authorities, if required.

  6. Update and review

    The data protection and personal information policy takes effect on September 22, 2023 and replaces all previous versions.

    Scenarex Inc reserves the right to interpret the data protection and personal information policy at its sole discretion. Privacy Laws are constantly evolving and, accordingly, this policy may be subject to change from time to time by Scenarex Inc, in its sole discretion and without notice or liability to any data subject or any other person.