Air Fryer Cookbook for Family

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Air Fryer Cookbook for Family

by Hay Anderson Hay Anderson series Diet

$14.49 CAD

Are you looking for healthy and tasty air fryer recipes?

Do you want air fryer recipes by which you can make both basic items and gourmet meals?

This book can definitely meet your needs! We are concerned about your health, even using air fryer. That’s why the air fryer cookbook is created. And You don't have to sacrifice flavor when trying to eat healthier. And we bite you want basic and simple air fryer recipes, that’s why tons of everyday favorites recipes are kitchen-tested.

From the book, you can get:

Huge variety of Highly rated recipes: from meat meals, healthy desserts to vegetarian options, etc

Easy to find ingredients: use ingredients at your hand

Quick and easy air fryer recipes: many only take 30 minutes and only need 5 ingredients

Budget friendly and time-saving recipes: save money and spend less time in kitchen

Estimated cooking temperatures/times guide for vegetables, meats, and frozen foods

Helpful tips: tips on how to make air fried food healthy and crispy

Nutritional info: keep track of your daily calories

Servings: cook the right portion of food for you and your family

Quick index: don’t worry about finding the recipes you want to repeat

And you will discover the book contains 3 Breakfast subcategories: start a fresh and beautiful day from air fried breakfast!


Complete Air Fryer Guide

Air Fryer Tricks to Success

Step-by-Step Guide to Master Your Air Fryer

The Big Fat Truth

How to improve health when air frying

Troubleshooting,Common Challenges and Solutions

Pick up your copy today to enjoy all the great recipes at your fingertips that cater for the diverse needs of you and your family.


ISBN 9781803573281
Publisher Digital Token-Book Production
Published Date 2021-08-04
Language en
Printed Length 626