Mission Earth Volume 5: Fortune of Fear

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Mission Earth Volume 5: Fortune of Fear

by L. Ron Hubbard series Mission Earth, book 5

$11.99 CAD

The Voltarian invaders are getting down and dirty . . . in the deadliest of games.

The price: Planet Earth.

Voltarian Royal Officer Jettero Heller has heart, nerve and a quick mind on his side. His archenemy Soltan Gris has cunning, ruthlessness and a devious plan on his. But what neither of them has is money—and without that they may as well pack up and go back to Voltar. Because as every earthling knows—no pay, no play.

Heller’s solution is a weekend in Atlantic City, where he puts a new spin on gambling. He’s got a foolproof system, guaranteeing that he’ll win every bet he makes. Into this world of dirty money, dirty tricks and dirty games, the wildest of wild cards is about to change everything. Countess Krak is back—and this voluptuous Voltarian, condemned murderess and love of Heller’s life could prove to be the key player in coming to grips with a FORTUNE OF FEAR.

“The adventure, colored by broad strokes of satire, is written with a vigor.” —Publishers Weekly


ISBN 9781592125913
Publisher Galaxy Press
Published Date 2003-06-15
Language en
Printed Length 391