Trail of the Red Diamonds

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Trail of the Red Diamonds

by L. Ron Hubbard series Action Adventure Short Stories Collection

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An obscure original manuscript of Marco Polo’s travels . . . A tantalizing clue to the site of Kublai Khan’s fabled burial site . . . A chance to unearth the truth behind a long-lost treasure. It’s an opportunity that would make Indiana Jones drop everything but his whip and race off to China. But he’d be too late. Lieutenant Jonathan Daly is way ahead of him.

Two bullet holes and a bad case of malaria may not be enough to stop Daly, but a crew of criminals, a brood of British agents, and the entire Chinese army are all in the game . . . and determined to keep him out of it. The stakes are too high, and the potential rewards too great, though, to let a little treachery, betrayal and human sacrifice stand in Daly’s way.

He’s hot on The Trail of the Red Diamonds—a cache of exceedingly rare gems that were meant to light the way to heaven as an offering to the gods. A tomb holding the lost treasure of Kublia Khan And only God knows if Daly will manage to dig up the diamonds . . . or end up buried with them.

It was on Hubbard’s second journey to East Asia that he met British Secret Service agent, Major Ian MacBean, who introduced him to a world of deception and conspiracy in the region. He also learned of the thriving—and dangerous—trade in stolen Chinese treasures. As if to underscore the authenticity of The Trail of the Red Diamonds—Hubbard published the story under the byline Lieutenant Jonathan Daly, the hero of the piece.

Also includes the rousing adventure Hurricane’s Roar, the story of an American pilot in Mongolia who whips up a storm of death-defying air battles . . . in the search for peace.


ISBN 9781592126248
Publisher Galaxy Press
Published Date 2010-09-15
Language en
Printed Length 124